ProfilePhotography for me really began with my father, it was a passion of his, and it’s something I came to appreciate growing up. I bought my 1st film camera an Olympus OM-1N at the age of around 12, and although I have taken photos throughout my years, it’s not until the last few years I have taken a greater interest in photography and now use a Digital SLR camera to capture my images. I’m fascinated by geology and I love the outdoors. Photography just happens to be a nice way to spend more time outside and in an environment that can change from from ordinary to spectacular in a matter of minutes, if the conditions allow. It’s moments these that I try and capture and which motivate me to get out with the camera. Although the images on the site cover a variety of scenes, my main interest remains in the Peak District, an area close to my heart. I find myself spending more and more time here regardless of the weather, with autumn and winter being my favourite times of year, and these seasons tend to dominate my portfolio. Please take your time and have a look around, I’ve had tremendous enjoyment capturing these images and hope to pass on some of their pleasure to you. If you would like to email me with a request or for further information about my photography then please use the Contact & Guestbook page. Harsharn Gill
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